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Doing Business in Utah Since 1988

Since 1988, Cornerstone Land Surveys has specialized in the retracement and reestablishment of land boundaries, providing engineering design surveys, mapping and monumentation services utilizing the most advanced technologies available to the Land Surveying profession. Our fully integrated and automated office equipment and field systems, combined with education, training, and experience, equip Cornerstone with the elements necessary to provide all surveying and mapping services necessary to meet your needs. Our approach to each project includes primary emphasis placed on effective and extensive study of all available historical documentation relevant to the project for the production of an accurate and professional survey for the client. Each of these qualifications and skills will be applied to your project as well.

The Company is well suited to handle both large and small projects ranging from a few hundred dollars to contracts in excess of $200,000. Cornerstone can provide personalized attention to individual project details at a reduced cost to the client.

Cornerstone is also equipped with the computer hardware and software required for the completion of your project. Cornerstone has the necessary conventional survey equipment available together with with advanced Geodetic Positioning Systems (GPS) equipment. Cornerstone is experienced in the research of County land ownership records which provide the background necessary for the determination of adjoining property ownerships. The County land records systems provide the basis for parcel identification and inventory. Internet access to many of the land records will prove invaluable to the completion of your project.

Recent advancements in imagery software have enhanced Cornerstone's capabilities to provide superior mapping products. Some of the techniques which may be used on your project include:

♦ Scanning images of aerial contacts, topographic surveys and quadrangle base maps to enhance the readability of survey drawings which typically are void of graphical features
♦ Using satellite imagery as a valuable resource for utility corridor studies and large-scale mapping projects
♦ Applying interactive CAD operating systems to provide accurate and expedient analysis of field data while benefiting from on-screen background imagery
♦ Analyzing aerial photographs from prior years as a source of evidence to provide information which was once considered unrecoverable

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