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Professional Land Surveyor and President of Cornerstone PLS, Inc.

State of Utah License #7600

State of Montana License #9346S

John B. Stahl, P.L.S.

John B. Stahl, Professional Land Surveyor and President of Cornerstone Professional Land Surveys, Inc. has been involved in land surveying, engineering and related fields since 1976, specializing in boundary retracement and boundary dispute resolutions and litigations. He is licensed in the States of Utah and Montana. In addition to the operation of his business, Mr. Stahl serves as an Adjunct Professor at Salt Lake Community College where he lectures 54 hours per year on the fundamental elements of Land Boundary Law. Mr. Stahl was formerly the instructor for the Land Survey Mathematics and Ethics & Liability Courses. He also participates annually in Boundary Law Seminars for the National Business Institute (NBI) and Half Moon Seminars. He is also a member of the Utah Council of Land Surveyors (UCLS) serving as its Chairman in 1992. Mr. Stahl takes an active role in education and legislative concerns of the profession.

Mr. Stahl provides Expert Witness services and assistance to Attorneys, Title Companies, Developers and Land Owners. He can assist with the necessary title research, historical research and analysis of your land boundary or title problem. His insight and expert application of legal principles affecting the location of your boundary line or the rights, title or interests of your property will provide an element of certainty necessary for knowledgeable, informed decisions. Mr. Stahl can provide input and assistance in the litigation process in the preparation of complaints, responses, interrogatories, and requests for production. Mr. Stahl can prepare the surveys, reports, affidavits and exhibits necessary for presentation in the courtroom.

Mr. Stahl has over 27 years of experience and involvement in the land surveying profession. He will utilize his years of experience and knowledge in the field of land surveying as well as more than fifteen years of business ownership to meet the land surveying needs of your project. He keeps abreast of current events within the profession to further the education of the public and career students. His background will enhance your project through the proper analysis and determination of boundary locations and encroachments, and their impact upon your rights, title and interests.

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