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John B. Stahl, PLS
Cornerstone Professional Land Surveys, Inc.
P.O. Box 901617
Salt Lake City, Utah 84090-1617
Phone: (801) 495-2360
Fax: (801) 495-2361

Cornerstone Land Surveys has been doing business throughout Utah since 1988. We perform a wide variety of surveying services including ALTA/ACSM Land Title, Boundary, and Topographic Surveys. We also perform right-of-way, corridor, design mapping and easement acquisitions.

We specialize in Land Boundary Dispute Resolution. We will perform the necessary title research and historical investigations to determine the best possible resolution for your boundary problem. We provide assistance in the negotiation, settlement or litigation processes by working directly with your attorneys providing expertise and direction. We also provide Expert Witness Services including court room and deposition testimony, court exhibits, and presentations.



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